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Our primary focus is on mission-critical record keeping systems. Working closely with our clients, we employ a variety of modeling and assessment techniques to first describe in detail how the existing process really works. We assess the existing process and its impact on the client’s core business; we help the client re-engineer the process to optimize its benefits; and we help the client develop a plan for implementing the reconfigured process.
    > Custom Application Development

We offer our clients “design and build” services for implementing sophisticated applications over
small- and medium-sized sets of data – complex
processing of relatively small numbers of records. We have particular expertise in creating patient record keeping applications for medical research laboratories – where large amounts of data about
a patient are gathered from several sources and are integrated into a structure amenable not only

to tracking the patients but also to research. We build these applications with particular emphasis on the “integrity” of the data – ensuring not only that the data values make sense, but also that the various data components are correctly linked to each other.
    > Packaged Solutions

We provide packaged solutions for a number of specialized applications. Our premier package is the Financial Analysis Application II (FAA II), a product used to mine information from detailed financial reports that Massachusetts-based hospitals file each year with the Commonwealth’s Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (DHCFP).

  Custom Applications
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    - Fire Services
    - FAA II
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