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D. H. Keene Associates has worked for a number of years with state Fire Services agencies, building a number of mission-critical applications. Among those are:

-  Fire Academy Management

We have designed and implemented computer applications to perform a number of tasks within a state-operated firefighting academy. Under the umbrella of Course Management, our systems provide scheduling and records management functions to:

Schedule classes - Included in this function is providing “web pages” for an online course catalog/class schedule.

Assign resources to scheduled classes – includes scheduling classrooms and equipment, as well as soliciting and “hiring” instructors for specific classes. The application detects resource assignment conflicts – double bookings, or the lack of sufficient resources to conduct a class – and alerts schedulers to potential problems. We are currently building an enhancement to an existing module to perform the majority of the instructor scheduling via emails – wherein the computer generates and sends emails to the instructors, and pre-processes and routes the replies to those emails. In addition, we have built a module that tracks time and attendance for contracted instructors, and feeds that data to the state’s contractor payroll system.

Register and track students – includes taking in student information, checking course prerequisites, managing waiting lists, and enrolling students in specific classes. The system also tracks late cancellations and no-shows. The system keeps a history of each student’s classes and class completion status, and provides transcripts on demand.


-  HazMat Response Team Management

We have created applications that are used to control a state-managed hazardous materials response unit. The applications:

Track Required Training – The application tracks the training each HazMat technician receives, including monitoring required courses and minimum numbers of training hours.

Perform Incident Reporting – The system keeps detailed records on HazMat callouts, and provides the data necessary for billing out time and materials to responsible third parties.

Keep Incident Logs – The Fire Services department operates a mobile command center that is called out to major disasters and public events. Software designed and built by D. H. Keene Associates is used in that mobile command center to keep logs of events (including checking in and checking out of equipment and personnel) that occur during a callout.

Manage Equipment/Materials Inventory – Programming developed by D. H. Keene Associates tracks the inventory of equipment and supplies on each of the unit’s trucks, and generates reports for replacement/reorder of expendable materials.


-  Licensing/Permitting

We have built a system to maintain permit records for above-ground storage tanks. Included in this system are functions to automatically generate permit and inspection documents, as well as deficiency letters that are sent to the owners/operators of the storage facilities.

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