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The Financial Analysis Application II (FAA II) is a tool designed to extract or “mine” information from detailed cost reports that each Massachusetts-based hospital is required to submit to the Commonwealth’s Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (DHCFP) each year. The so called DHCFP-403 Cost Report is a highly detailed, 25+ schedule document that contains an enormous amount of very useful data – data that is not in a format that lends itself easily to cross-provider or cross-year (longitudinal) analysis.

FAA II provides the client a simple four-step process with which s/he can extract data elements into a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet – and then use the power of Microsoft Excel™ to perform analysis, draw charts and graphs, and so on. These four steps are:

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1. Select the data items to be used in the analysis.  FAA II provides item selection by showing the user a “picture” of the DHCFP-403 schedules, and allowing the user to select the specific cells from the schedule in which s/he is interested. Selected cells are turned green; a count is kept of how many items have been selected.

2. Select the hospitals to be included in the analysis.  FAA II Provides a list of all of the hospitals – acute and non-acute – from which DHCFP has collected cost report data anytime since 1993. The user may select individual providers; the user may also select hospitals based on service type (e.g., short-term acute), teaching status, and/or location (county). Once again, selections are turned green so the user can see which providers have been selected.

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3. Create a target spreadsheet.  The user creates an extract-to target area; it is in this process that the user selects which fiscal years are to be included in the analysis. FAA II generate one row in the target spreadsheet for each selected provider; one column is created for each selected data item for each fiscal year selected.

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4. Fill in the target spreadsheet.  The user than fills in the target spreadsheet – extracts the data from the repositories provided by DHFCP and inserts the values into the target cells. The user has a number of fill options; multiple fill passes can be run to “tune” the display in the target spreadsheet.  For more information, download the User’s Guide and refer to the section
that describes the “fill” options.

Once filled, the target spreadsheet is just another Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet; columns/rows may be added, calculations may be done, graphs and charts may be drawn. The target spreadsheet may be sent to/shared any with other Microsoft Excel™ users – FAA II is NOT required to support the target spreadsheet unless and until it becomes necessary to re-fill it.

For more details, feel free to download the User’s Guide; for more information, contact us by phone or by email.

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