D. H. Keene Associates takes a practical, straightforward approach to diagnosing and
re-engineering our clients’ business processes. Our focus is on processes where the primary “product” is information – and where information technology is not being fully exploited.

Our forte is guiding the client through a detailed assessment of the process being examined – our strength is not so much providing pat answers as it is asking leading questions.

We use a variety of charting and descriptive methodologies, selecting specific techniques to best meet the objective of clear communications with all of the stakeholders.

Typically we start with charting how the process works – at least how it works on paper. After a few rounds of questioning for understanding, we find more often than not that the way the process actually works in the field differs – significantly – from the way the book says it does. From the “true” picture of the process we work to identify shortcomings. We perform a “component failure impact analysis”; we look for bottlenecks and potential points of failure. They may be individual components – sometimes paper forms, sometimes computer hardware and software, sometimes roles, and sometimes even specific people – whose “failures” would be most harmful to the process. An example of such a potential “failure point” might be the resignation of the only person in the organization who posses “institutional memory” of how the process developed into its current form. We look for resource drains; we look for “transformers” that leverage resources in the process to produce the best “bang for the buck.” The analysis may take several iterations; from the analysis emerges the concept for the re-engineered process.

From that concept, we work with the client to develop a preliminary design, an initial evaluation of the potential benefits of the modified process, and an initial estimate of the effort and cost needed to implement the design. Our consulting engagement closes with a handoff of the design and assessment to the client – or by D. H. Keene Associates proceeding to a design and build engagement with the client.

We have performed consulting services for a variety of public and private sector clients; they include city and state government agencies, health providers and health benefit providers, medical research facilities and medical group practices.

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